18 Sep 2016

Top 5 Paris Parks

Paris Parks

Top 5 Paris Parks 

Paris is not just a concrete jungle! Green spaces are dotted around the city so you can take a breather away from the hustle and bustle, while still enjoying views of the best sites and monuments. Relax! Here is our selection of the top 5 Paris Parks.


Parc des Buttes – Chaumont

Parc des Buttes - Chaumont - Paris Parks

This beautiful park is a favourite among locals for picnic parties. Parc des Buttes – Chaumont has many lovely features, such as artificial lakes and waterfalls, hills, grottos and bridges. The winding paths take wanderers over 60 acres of green space. One of the best known features in this park is the Temple de la Sibylle, modelled on the Italian Vesta Temple found in Tivoli. This park is a must for a relaxing time away from the city!

Opening Hours: Everyday from 7AM to 9PM.

Access: Métro Buttes – Chaumont line 7bis.



Parc de Belleville

Parc de Belleville

Not far from Parc des Buttes – Chaumont is Parc de Belleville – the highest park in Paris. Located in the 20th district, Parc de Belleville stands at 108m above the city. This is the second highest hill after Montmartre. It features a children’s playground, ping-pong tables, and a long, cascading waterfall. At the top, enjoy the breathtaking views of the city, or perhaps a musical performance at the open-air theatre.

Opening Hours: Everyday from 10.30AM to 2AM.

Access: Métro Couronnes line 2.

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Parc de La Villette

Parc de La Vilette - Paris Parks

Parc de La Villette is the third largest green space within Paris (after Bois de Boulogne and Vincennes) and is located in the 19th district. Built over the city’s old slaughterhouses, the area was redeveloped into a park during the 1980’s. The park not only features quiet, peaceful lawns (which are also sometimes used for outdoor sports groups), but also the canal, where boats can be rented for an afternoon row. Parc de La Villette is also home to Europe’s largest Science Museum (Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie), an instruments museum, many concert halls, and a round shaped IMAX cinema.

Opening Hours: Everyday, 6AM to 1AM.

Access: Métro Porte de Pantin line 5.



Jardin des Tuileries

Jardin des Tuileries - Tuileries Park

This Italian-styled garden stands between 3 Museums: the Louvre, L’orangerie and le Jeu de Paume. Once a royal garden, Jardin des Tuileries opened to the public during the 19th century. Parisians congregated here to relax and be entertained during balls, puppet theatres and acrobat performances. There were even donkey rides for children! Take a relaxing stroll and contemplate the statues, water features and flower patches in Paris’ most central park.

Opening Hours: Everyday, 7AM to 9PM.

Access: Métro Concorde line 1, 8, 12.

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Champ de Mars

Champs de Mars - Paris Parks

The Champ de Mars features perhaps the best view – the Eiffel Tower proudly stands in front of this large open green space. Tourists and locals alike enjoy coming here during spring to walk under the cherry blossom trees eating candy-floss, and dip their feet into the fountains during summer to cool down. What was once the city’s vegetables plots and garden markets, Champ de Mars is historically significant for having held the world’s first ever hydrogen-filled balloon and the city’s many Universal Exhibitions. It is an ideal location to come and watch the fireworks display on Bastille Day.

Opening Hours: Everyday, 24 hours.

Access: Métro Ecole Militaire line 8.



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