01 Juin 2016

Street Art Walking Tours – family fun!

Mural by Shepard Fairey

Street Art Walking Tours are family fun activities!

Do you wish to find a fun-filled activity for your teens? Look no further than our Street Art Walking Tours which make for great family fun.

Make the most of your time in Paris – get off the beaten track and join us on a colourful journey!


Capturing Street Art in Paris

Capturing Street Art in Paris


Discover the 13th District & Chinatown and its high-rise murals, or perhaps the emblematic Belleville Quarter, home to one of the greatest open air galleries of the capital. 

Our guided walking tours last 2 hours, and allow you to discover the artists’ background and techniques throughout these incredibly colourful and diverse neighbourhoods.

Be introduced to the cultural and international dimensions of street art in Paris with our passionate, expert guides.

Our fun, light and easy to use cameras will turn you into the artist! Boost your creativity and take home your very own Polaroid photographs for lasting family memories.

Our walking tours are a great occasion to get together with your family, in the hands of our friendly expert guides, and discover Paris in a unique and colourful way. By unleashing your creativity, capture moments and create lasting memories with your peers.



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