06 Nov 2016

La Réserve Malakoff

La Réserve Malakoff

An incredible warehouse just closed its doors on the southern outskirts of Paris. Time to look back on the Street Art extraordinaire exhibition of Le Grand 8 at La Réserve Malakoff

50 artists, 30 installations and 2000m2 of an industrial warehouse turned into a temporary Street Art exhibition for the public. Le Grand 8 of La Réserve could be found in Malakoff from June 1st until October 31st. We present a retrospective on this amazing space dedicated to urban art.

La Réserve Malakoff

Described as fragile and ephemeral, Street Art has become a form of art which knows no borders across the cities, ubiquitous and finding the best spots to be seen.

All beginnings have an end – This warehouse, which served to house bricks, cement and steel, holds one last majestic breath as a Street House extraordinaire exhibition under its bright neon lights. An eight-shaped universe, for it will leave its mark for infinity. A figure representing free movement, creativity, multiplicity of ideas. The old unused warehouse becomes ‘infinitely alive’ through the works of the 50 artists which contributed to this masterpiece.

Bojan at La Réserve Malakoff


Mosko at La Réserve Malakoff



Within this space, the artists got involved by painting, sculpting, tagging, moulding. They transformed the space into a 3 dimensional art itinerary for all to be explored and be in awe. We came across 30 different universes, be they animal, floral, human – to form a monumental infinite structure. A structure with no real exit, to maximise the sensorial and visual experience.


JanaundJS at La Réserve Malakoff

Jana & JS


Evazésir at La Réserve Malakoff

No Rules Corp/Evazésir

Here are some of the big names that could be found at La Réserve Malakoff: M. CHAT, Dose, Anti, Jana & JS, Boja, Shaka, Bault, Popay, Tétar, Dem Dillon, Philippe Hérard, Iza Zaro, Seth-One, Vini & Réaone, Mademoiselle Maurice, Mosko, Anis, Seize Happywallmaker, Snez, Swar, Nosbé, Jérôme Mesnager and Levalet.

Find out more about the artists and their work at La Réserve Malakoff here.


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