05 Juil 2016

Polaroid photography vs. phone cameras

Polaroid Photography

Polaroid Photography or phone cameras?

If you’re travelling to Paris for a holiday, you’ll want to take amazing pictures of your time in the City of Light. Most of us take our phones with us on vacation, but what if you captured moments differently this time? Paris is an outstanding city with beautiful architecture and art, so here are a few reasons why we suggest Polaroid photography over phone cameras during your time in the capital.

Firstly, it’s about trying something new. Travel is about encountering new cultures, new scenery, and living new experiences. Our walking tours offer unique sightseeing experiences with quality Polaroid cameras, so why not join us and have fun while exploring and learning all about Paris?

We are too used to living our lives in front of a screen, which we can adjust before taking a picture with our phone camera. We can then apply special effects and filters or simply delete it and take another one. With a Polaroid camera in hand, you have a great opportunity to unleash your creativity and focus on the actual object. Only when you’re happy with the angle and composition of the picture, you’ll click on that button. Our expert guides are here to help you and give you some tips to take the perfect Polaroid.

Let the magic unfold before your eyes! Seeing the colours appear on a Polaroid photograph is, to say the least, pretty cool! What’s more, you’ve just instantly created your very own souvenir of Paris to take home with you and to share with friends and family.

But what about selfies, we hear you ask. Don’t worry, our cameras have an adjustable lens for close-up range shooting, meaning you’ll be able to take that precious selfie on tour  😉




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