12 Mar 2018

Great tips to experience the Eiffel Tower

Classic Paris Tour monument

Coming to Paris? We’re sharing some great tips to experience the Eiffel Tower. Start planning your visit!

Paris’ iron lady was inaugurated during the World’s Fair held in the city in 1889, to mark the milestone of the French Revolution’s 100th anniversary.

The wager was to study the possibility of erecting an iron tower on the Champ-de-Mars with a square base, 125 metres across and 300 metres tall.  Let us take you back to what it was like on the construction site: 

« A thick cloud of tar and coal smoke seized the throat, and we were deafened by the din of metal screaming beneath the hammer. Over there they were still working on the bolts: workmen with their iron bludgeons, perched on a ledge just a few centimetres wide, took turns at striking the bolts (these in fact were the rivets). One could have taken them for blacksmiths contentedly beating out a rhythm on an anvil in some village forge, except that these smiths were not striking up and down vertically, but horizontally, and as with each blow came a shower of sparks, these black figures, appearing larger than life against the background of the open sky, looked as if they were reaping lightning bolts in the clouds. »

There are many ways to contemplate the city’s best loved monument – with friends, family or on a romantic trip, here are our great tips to experience the Eiffel Tower.

Great tips experience Eiffel Tower

Book in advance

The Eiffel Tower is the city of lights’ most iconic monument, so it’s no surprise that online ticket sales run out fast – in the busy periods it can be up to 2 months in advance. You can choose to access the second floor or brave the heights to the very top. Stair tickets are also cheaper than the glass-walled lift tickets, but just bear in mind that the summit awaits at 309m: that’s 1665 stairs!

With a picnic….

Why rush your visit to the Eiffel Tower when you can spend all day in contemplation? Indeed, the Champ de Mars park in front of the Tower is the perfect spot for a picnic! The large green esplanade is sought after by travellers and locals alike, as the picture perfect view makes for a wonderful setting for a picnic lunch and afternoon nap. It is also a prized spot for buskers, giving the area a laid-back atmosphere which will make you want stay until sunset.

…Or fine dining at the Jules Verne

Savour contemporary French cuisine with a view to die for. Available for lunch and dinner, bookings must also be made well in advance.

« An experience at the heart of the Eiffel Tower, 
a unique venue infused with dreams and magic… »  Alain Ducasse

Booking and useful information here.

When she twinkles

After dark, Miss Eiffel puts on her golden dress to illuminate the city. Watch her sparkle every hour on the dot for 5 minutes after she gets lit up, right until 1am. You can also visit the Tower late into the evening, and enjoy a glass of bubbly at the Champagne Bar on the top floor (12pm-10pm).

For your Instagram feed

Thousands if not million of pictures of the Eiffel Tower can be found on Instagram, so your feed may feel lonely without one! How about this one by Laura, travel blogger at She Who Wanders ? 🙂

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