10 Sep 2016

Europe’s largest fireworks display

Largest fireworks display in Europe

As summer in Paris draws to a close, one of the biggest pyrotechnics event will take place tonight – Europe’s largest fireworks display.

‘Le Grand Feu’, already in its 8th year, takes place in the Saint Cloud Domain on the outskirts of Paris.  23, 000 visitors are expected this year!

Europe’s largest fireworks display – a few metro stops away from the Eiffel Tower, makes for an incredible feast for the eyes. 60, 000 colourful projectiles are to be lit to illuminate the Saint Cloud Domain in front of over 20, 000 spectators.

The show takes place in the lower park of Saint Cloud, opposite the Grand Cascade. The Saint Cloud Domain has been a nature reserve since 1923 and is considered, with its 460 hectares, as one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe. It is the work of the famous gardener of King Louis XIV: André Lenôtre.

Home of Europe's largest fireworks display

In order for Europe’s largest fireworks display to take place, the show must be prepared a year in advance by 120 technicians, 65 fireworks specialists. The projectiles are triggered by electrical impulses. It takes 10 days to set everything up and link the projectiles to around 100 kilometres of cables.

Designing an event of this magnitude requires a lot of preparation.  The first step to a successful fireworks display is to make the right choice in music. Unlike in the movies where music comes to accompany the images, a fireworks display is built according to the choices made for the music, according to Patrick Jolly, the producer and founder of le Grand Feu.

The show is to start at 9pm under a beautiful starry sky. Many colourful explosions will succeed for 1 hour and 45 minutes, until the grand finale that should itself last almost 7 minutes!

Enjoy this year’s edition’s Grand Finale below:

Book your tickets for next year’s edition here!


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