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The Polaroid Factory

16 Juin 2018

The Polaroid Factory uncovered

Discover the secrets of The Polaroid Factory! Who makes film? Where and how is it made? Here’s a little peek behind the scenes at the iconic photography company’s factory. To reach Enschede, you must drive 150km after Amsterdam. In the heart of the Netherlands, where 156000 souls breathe, the Polaroid Factory had been in operation […]

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Karl Child Paris

13 Oct 2017

Interview with Karl Child, founder of Shoot Film UK

Instant Photographers – an interview with Karl Child Here at Paris Polaroid Tours, we love chatting to people who share our passion for film photography and the beautiful city of Paris. Meet Karl Child, a keen Polaroid photographer and founder of Shoot Film UK – a buzzing platform featuring artists’ work, publications and a forum […]

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World Camera Day

29 Juin 2017

The origins of photography – World Camera Day

We wish you all a happy World Camera Day! Every year on June 29th, we celebrate World Camera Day – an opportunity to take you through the origins of photography. Cameras and photography have developed substantially over the years, from its early roots right up to modern day digital photography and smartphones. How will you […]

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Polaroid Photography

05 Juil 2016

Polaroid photography vs. phone cameras

Polaroid Photography or phone cameras? If you’re travelling to Paris for a holiday, you’ll want to take amazing pictures of your time in the City of Light. Most of us take our phones with us on vacation, but what if you captured moments differently this time? Paris is an outstanding city with beautiful architecture and […]

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Quality Vintage Polaroid cameras

18 Fév 2016

A brief history of Polaroid

Polaroid’s history has sure come a long way! Instantly recognisable, its photographs bring out the timeless magic of instant souvenirs. The Polaroid Corporation was formed in 1937 by Edwin H. Land. At first, his efforts focused on the polarisation of glasses and goggles, notably to be used by the American Army and Navy. Whilst on […]

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