Fuji Instax Wide

Instax Wide by Fujifilm


For bright colour, quality snaps lovers, our Fuji Instax Wide camera is here to guarantee you satisfaction. Very hip, these cameras have an 800 ISO sensitivity, which means they can adapt to any type of light and moods. An abundance of bright colours and a precise finish for fleshy tones to render a perfect, inimitable finish!

What gives this camera charm lies in the way it operates. One click, and surprise ! The image starts to appear right before you eyes. The Instax Wide Film produces great photos, with bright colours and fine grain details.

The Instax Wide camera offers a multitude of possibilities, whether for artistic purposes or panoramic shots.



The camera uses Instax Wide Film by Fujifilm.

Depending on light conditions, you have the possibility to darken (D option) or lighten (L option) the next photos. It’s so easy to use too!

The film’s easy-to-load cartridge delivers ten superb rectangular format instant photos. Instax film ensures sharp, clear reproduction, vivid colour and natural skin tones.

One pack contains 10 photos, but you can buy as many as you like for your tour. Your guide will also have some at hand in case you run out during your tour.