14 Déc 2018

Best Tour in Paris 2018

Best Tour in Paris 2018

Paris Polaroid Tours voted Best Tour in Paris 2018

Best tour in Paris 2018

Every year, Expatriates Magazine elect the best of everything in Paris – bars, restaurants, activities….and Best Tour in Paris. The results are in, and we are happy to announce we have been awarded Best Tour in Paris 2018!

In Paris sightseeing? Explore the City of Love by joining us on a unique creative photography and cultural walking tour with passionate guides. A new experience of sightseeing awaits you!

Embark on unique walking tours of France’s capital with Paris Polaroid Tours! There is no better way of discovering a city by wandering through its streets. With a Polaroid Camera in hand, you can create your own souvenirs and take a piece of the city home with you. There’s a tour for everyone and every tastes (sweet French snacks included!)

For street art buffs, a stroll through Chinatown will bring you to a colourful, alternative side of the city. With many artworks for you to see and capture, let Paris Polaroid Tours introduce to the techniques and backgrounds of some of the greatest street art masters.

Feel the decadent spirit of la Belle Epoque in Montmartre with behind the scenes anecdotes of the Moulin Rouge and one of their most notorious dancers. Relive the exultation of Impressionism as you wander through this little village’s cobbled streets, home to some of the most famous painters of the late 19th century, as we discuss their most famous works of art.

For those who love history, monuments and architecture, the Classic Tour is for you. From the grandeur of Notre-Dame’s flamboyant Gothic architecture to the iconic Louvre Pyramid, your guides will tell the tales of the characters whom have shaped the capital’s aura across the epochs.


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