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Make Paris Yours!

About us

Create original souvenirs on a Paris walking tour

To breathe Paris preserves the soul…

Explore the City of Lights differently  – join Polaroid photography enthusiasts on a unique and creative cultural experience. Originally from Paris, we take pride in introducing visitors to our city and want to make sure you take unforgettable memories home as you become the artist! 

Unleash your creativity with Paris Polaroid Tours2 hour guided city walks. Discover the city’s history and the beauty of its monuments’ architecture. Explore an alternative, edgier side to Paris with its colourful street art. 

About us

Our team at is made up of passionate, cultural tourism professionals from Paris, France.

We are photographers in love with Polaroid & its instant magic.

Travel defines us. We have been around the world and embrace the diversity of cultures that make up this planet.

Let us share ours – and Make Paris Yours.

About us