18 Fév 2016

A brief history of Polaroid

Quality Vintage Polaroid cameras

Polaroid’s history has sure come a long way! Instantly recognisable, its photographs bring out the timeless magic of instant souvenirs.

The Polaroid Corporation was formed in 1937 by Edwin H. Land. At first, his efforts focused on the polarisation of glasses and goggles, notably to be used by the American Army and Navy.

Whilst on vacation with his family in New Mexico, Land takes a picture of his daughter. Intrigued, she asks why she cannot see the photograph that has just been captured. Land works hard to invent the first one-step photographic system in 1944 – the Polaroid camera is born!

The first Land camera is sold in Boston in 1948 for just under 90 USD. By 1958, 1 million cameras have already rolled off the assembly line! Colour film is introduced by the early 1960’s with a newly established controlled exposure system.

1972 is marked by the birth of the iconic Polaroid SX-70, the first automatic, folding, motorised, single-lens reflex camera. It becomes a favourite for the pop-art master Andy Warhol – and an household item across the world throughout the 1980’s….

The Iconic SX-70 Polaroid used by Andy Warhol


Nowadays, Polaroid Cameras are no longer manufactured. The good news is, you can still find some beautiful, fully restored and good working order cameras for sale and hire. Our partner We Love Pola offers both vintage and modern cameras, film and accessories.



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